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How to Feel Good About Paying $600 for Shoes

Here’s a story about how to feel good about paying $600 for shoes $200. $400. $600.  I know some people are crazy for shoes. And they pay insane prices for shoes that scratch the right itch. I can’t pretend to understand this phenomenon. But a pop-up store called Palessi took […]

A Surprising Contender That Might Dominate Grocery E-comm

When Amazon acquired Whole Foods, it became a surprise new contender that just might dominate the grocery e-comm industry. A year ago, about four months after Amazon started operating Whole Foods, I surveyed consumers on how they felt about the new Whole Foods. At that time, about half of those […]

Stale Popcorn and Bad Data

What does stale popcorn have to do with bad data? People will happily eat fourteen-day old stale popcorn while watching an action movie, and they will eat more quite a bit more if it’s in a larger bucket. In a restaurant, if you sit near a window, you’re 80 percent […]