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How to Feel Good About Paying $600 for Shoes

How to Feel Good About Paying $600 for Shoes $200. $400. $600.  I know some people are crazy for shoes. And they pay insane prices for shoes that scratch the right itch. I can’t pretend to understand this phenomenon. But a pop-up store called Palessi took advantage of it during […]

A Surprising Contender That Might Dominate Grocery E-comm

A year ago, about four months after Amazon started operating Whole Foods, I surveyed consumers on how they felt about the new Whole Foods. At that time, about half of those who shopped at Whole Foods said it wouldn’t change how much they shopped there, and that’s still true today. […]

Stale Popcorn and Bad Data

  People will happily eat fourteen-day old stale popcorn while watching an action movie, and they will eat more quite a bit more if it’s in a larger bucket. In a restaurant, if you sit near a window, you’re 80 percent more likely to order salad. And if you sit […]