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Shelf Talk

Shelf Talk

To start off 2012, I’m getting back to an old habit from when I was a MBA student at Cornell: blogging.  While I was in business school, I wrote a blog to give friends, family, and colleagues some insight into what it was like to study in a top MBA program.

I found my old blog to be a great outlet for me to crystalize my thoughts on what I was learning and to do some extracurricular writing.  Hopefully this Shelf Talk blog will do the same.

Now, with a number of years in industry under my belt, I hear from many folks that they want to know what really goes on behind the scenes in the grocery business, where I work for a major sales agency that serves supermarkets (and other retailers) and the CPG and food manufacturers who supply them.

From the very beginning of my work in the CPG industry, I have been very surprised at how few blogs and news sources cover the real deal happening in the industry.  There’s plenty of perspective of the Wall Street aspect of publicly traded companies in the industry, there’s lots of good writing from the consumers’ perspective, and there are some consulting firms who put out papers.  But many of them miss the nitty gritty that makes the industry tick.  I hope to provide some insight and am excited to hear feedback from anyone who comes to visit.

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