The Dented Can Store is closing

Locals know Petrik’s Discount Groceries in Bradenton, Florida as the Dented Can Store.

Known in community as “the Dented Can Store,” Petrik’s specialized in slightly damaged or near expiration products ranging from tomatoes sauce and tea to baby diapers and pet food.

Perhaps this is a sign of an improved economy?  People aren’t as willing to buy damaged goods just to save a few bucks?

Or, maybe it’s competition:

The proliferation of Wal-Mart and other discount supermarkets has caused patronage at Petrik’s to drop. It’s the same trajectory that led Albertson’s this year to close its two Manatee County stores.

“There’s more Save A Lots and Wal-Marts, and a lot of good deals now even at Publix,” Petrik said. “There’s just too much competition.”

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It’s increasingly hard to compete against large chains on the low-end, since they have such incredible buying power and efficient supply chains.  Are there any examples of others out there who buck the trend?  Leave a note in the comments.

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