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Trends from the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show

Before the recent Winter Fancy Food Show, I served up some trend predictions that we might see at the show.  Let’s revisit those predictions.

Giant cheese wheels at the 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show
This display of cheese wheels was impressive and very tall. Inside the wheels was a space for booth staffers to meet with food buyers.

Using food processing byproducts creatively: ReGrained upcycles spent grain from beer brewing and turns it into “Eat Beer” bars. They tasted like a cross between a cookie and a nutrition bar.

Coconut: In some form, I saw coconut as an inclusion in many products, from protein shake powder and nutrition bars to seaweed snacks and chocolates. Dang had its coconut chips (and some new non-coconut rice snacks that were delicious).

Cooking made easier: I was surprised that meal-kit companies like Blue Apron haven’t started to show up with retail-ready offerings.  But I did see some fun make-it-yourself kits.  Back to the Roots sells kits to grow your own mushrooms. And Brooklyn Brew Shop sells beer, wine, and cider brewing kits.  (And both companies have expanded beyond those core offerings to a variety of herb, cheese, and baking kits.)

Healthier frozen treats: Arctic Zero, with a low-calorie focus, and Snow Monkey, loaded with superfoods, showed their frozen desserts.

Dairy alternatives: Milkadamia makes macadamia nut milk and Dahlicious makes yogurt from almond milk. Califia Farms has introduced a wide variety of new items based on almond milk and had a good presence at the show.

Low-carb offerings: This trend was present across the show, especially with snack foods.  I saw it most notably with a continued large number of meat snacks from brands like Vermont Smoke & Cure and Duke’s. I especially noticed a lot of meat sticks, as if Slim Jim has grown up.

Some other fun things I saw:

The Summer Fancy Food Show will be June 25-27, 2017 in New York City.  See you there?

Project NOSH’s staff picks from the show:

And some of my photos:

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