Some supermarkets do an amazing job and others… well, there are others.  You can tell when you walk in the door.  Are you excited to be there?  Is there something interesting around every corner?

Or is it just… stuff?  Get what you need and get out — after waiting on line for 5 minutes, of course.


My colleague, Tracy Carlson, wrote a great post comparing two Boston supermarkets — an established player and a new entrant: Are you a Yipee or a Yikes?

I love what Tracy’s title implies — it’s that feeling when you walk in the store. It’s really hard to get that right.  It’s a series of little observations, minor details, and small improvements over time that make a great shopping experience.

I love Tracy’s message — which is so easy to forget when you get caught up in corporate inertia.

What happens when you show up?

When you’re honest with yourself (rare enough in corporate life!), are people genuinely happy when you show up: on shelf, with a new product? With a new service or outlet?  If not, what would it take?

Left-brain thinking gets you efficiency and operational excellence.  It can make your numbers.  But right-brain thinking wins hearts.  You need both.  Don’t you want to be a Yay or a Yipee?  It’s imagination, empathy and inspiration that will get you there.  Don’t be a Yuck, Yawn or Yikes.

As a shopper and as a marketer, I’m excited to have a little more yippee in town and a little less yikes.

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